$350 full day / $200 half day (includes studio & engineer).

Invigorate features many of the amenities you'd come to expect from commercial recording studios: separate control and live room, as well as an amp iso space, to allow for flexible tracking arrangements. With three drum sets, a handful of guitars, amps and a beautiful upright piano on hand, you will have the tools you need to make music even if you come to the studio empty handed. Lastly, kicking off a record with Nick at another Chicagoland studio to track drums, or comfortably track a large live session, is absolutely an option. Atlas Studios and Kiwi Audio are great spaces that won't shake your project budget.


Please contact for an accurate estimate for your project. We try to work within all budgets!

It's always great to see a record through from the beginning of tracking to the end of the mixing stages, but if you've tackled the recording process already, you may be looking for someone to take the reigns from there. Invigorate offers mixing services to both bands that have  and have not recorded at the studio. If you live locally, on-site mix reviews can be arranged, and are encouraged. Thanks to the digital age, mixing projects are accepted globally. If interested, please inquire about before/after mix examples.

Vocal Tuning rates are dependent on how many vocal tracks requiring tuning, how frequent they occur in the song, etc.

Performance Editing rates are dependent on intensity and complexity of edit, i.e. addressing loose timing on drums vs. locking every drum hit and guitar strum to the grid.


Looking to put the final polish on your mix? Contact us about mastering! Rates range depending on song count.


Engineer, Nick Stetina, is available to fill in on drums, bass, guitar, piano and even trumpet to help bring your vision to life. Additionally, Invigorate has a network of talented Chicagoland musicians to bring in when appropriate. Invigorate has you covered whether you're a band without a bass player, or a singer-songwriter who needs help building instrumentation around an acoustic guitar/vocal part.