Free Trial Mix


Listening to samples from an engineer is a great way to get an idea of what you can expect from them, but wouldn't hearing a sample of their work on your actual song be much more powerful? Nothing is worse than leaving the studio thrilled to hear your music come together, only to get a mix back and feel underwhelmed. Now, not only are likely financially committed, but discouraged that your hard work may not be presented to your fans in the way it deserves. Invigorate is looking to close that gap and earn your trust before you pay a cent.


  1. You can kick things off by messaging us using the the contact form below.  Please provide as much information as possible about the song and your vision for how you'd like it to sound in it's final form. A list of artists, albums or songs that inspire you and that you admire the production on is also very helpful. This will help focus our discussion as we settle in on the direction of your mix.
  2. We will determine the most convenient method for you to provide the multi-track session, whether that be via DropBox, WeTransfer, etc.
  3. The 90 Minute Mix: Invigorate engineer, Nick Stetina, will then begin mixing your song with a 90 minute time limit. What does this mean? This will force the focus to be on the sonic balance and character of the mix. This snapshot 90 minutes into the mixing process should be a helpful look into the trajectory of your mix and where it would eventually land in it's final stages. Granular detail work such as  vocal tuning, timing issues/quantization,  precise vocal rides and other low-level detail automation will not be addressed. However, these details would absolutely be taken care of should you choose us to complete your mix after hearing the trial. 
  4. The free trial mix will be provided back to you as a watermarked (fade in-out), 320kbps MP3 for evaluative purposes only. At this time one round of feedback is open to address any mix revision requests to help you better evaluate the mix's potential. Watermark-free WAV file are only provided if contracted to finish the mix.
  5. If you are happy with the direction the mix is going and would like to move forward in having Nick complete the song, he will pick up where he left off once a payment has been made. 


  • Limited to new clients only
  • Your submission must be an unreleased song that you are in the process of picking a mix engineer to finish
  • The session files must be prepped and ready to easily drop in a session