Invigorate Recording is a recording studio located in Downers Grove, IL, just 30 minutes west of downtown Chicago. Invigorate prides itself on creating a comfortable environment that feels welcoming and relaxed. Artists often describe the space as being "comfy" and having a vibe that feels more like you're making music with your friends, and less like you're working on the clock.

Owned by audio engineer and videographer, Nick Stetina, Invigorate features a control room, tracking room and isolation room for ultimate separation and control. The studio is outfitted with an extensive collection of microphones, instruments and outboard gear to help bring your vision to life.

Invigorate offers recording, mixing and mastering services to take your project from start to finish. There is no project too small, or too large. We accommodate sessions as simple as vocal recording, and as expansive as double LP releases. On top of those traditional services, Invigorate offers studio musician/production work, so whether you're a well rehearsed band, or a singer-songwriter looking for a producer's touch to transform your solo acoustic piece to a full band production, Invigorate will help you release recordings that you'll be proud to share.


  • Working with Nick was truly a great experience. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about sound engineering, but he also has keen ear for the "right" sound and worked tirelessly to ensure that the album fit my vision. All in all, my experience with Invigorate exceeded my expectations – I definitely plan on working with him in the future
    — Kelly Reed |  i.e. kokoro
  • Nick is hands down the greatest recording engineer I have worked with. His extensive musical knowledge, creativity, and passion shine through him in every session you sit in on. He is organized, prompt, and insightful and cares about your project as if it were an ankle surgery. Nick creates a perfectly balanced work environment with incredible producing equipment and will guide you to the way of making your best recorded noise to date. Cheers!
    — Kody Sullivan |  Dingus.
  • Working with Nick has been a consistently inspiring experience. One standout exchange is Nick's ability to nail a specific feel I could describe only in emotive/sensual terms; through three successive projects, 2 mix + master and one master only, he has taken the original vision we had for a song or songs and precisely executed it without holding back. Nick's input and expertise has been very much appreciated.
    — Jade Steffen | Party Apple Peel
  • Nick is an absolute pleasure to work with and the results of our session exceeded our expectations. Nick is flexible, collaborative and really cares about getting you an end product you can be proud of. And because of this, the end results are truly fantastic. His rates are also very competitive and the studio itself is great. Couldn't recommend working with Nick more! Will definitely be back soon.
    — Colin Dill | The Million Reasons
  • Nick wants to make art. In doing so, he helped us form confidence, musicality and maturity. He brought out the most honest record we could have asked for. As a musician, I trust Nick with my vision in any and all projects. You will too! 100% He truly brings out the best colors in anyone’s musical dream...Makes stuff come alive!
    — Chandler Claps
  • As an artist it is ideal for me to create and record in a space that feels comfortable and nurtures creativity. Invigorate is number 1 for me when bringing ideas to life. From the vibe to the gear, everything contributes. Most importantly Nick is a multifaceted engineer with talents in instrumentation, songwriting, and producing with a genuine love for good music which makes for a beautiful meeting of the minds.
    — Ezkiel
  • I went in to record my new solo piano works, knowing that Nick had a quality Yamaha upright. He far surpassed my expectations and was able to make an upright sound like (if not better than) a grand! He is also a fantastic photographer/videographer to boot. If I can say more, I felt the most comfortable than I ever had before during a recording session. I used bigger studios to record my music previously, but I will definitely stick with Nick for all of my future musical endeavors. Genius.
    — Michael R. Oldham
  • Nick has done an amazing job with this studio. The space and vibes are perfect to record or just jam and make music. His work sounds as good as any studio that I've been to in the Chicagoland area. He also plays a number of instruments, so he can add anything you need to a track. Highly recommend!
    — Mike Jones
  • I recently recorded an acoustic track with Nick, and he brought it to life bigger and fuller than I could have imagined. We later down clap tracks together, he even riffed off a bass line I had to add more robustness to the chorus. I've been a part of some amazing musical projects with Nick in the past and years later the natural chemistry snapped right back into place. This studio has a great creative atmosphere, slick equipment and most importantly a passionate driven man behind it all.
    — Tom Bosko
  • I've had a fantastic experience working with Nick & Invigorate on several projects. Definitely a guy who understands how to balance best practices with his clients own creative ideas. Definitely would recommend.
    — Madison Stolzer
  • I’ve been recording with Nick for close to 9 years. He always respects the artists vision and respectfully makes suggestions that he believes will enhance your vision. He’s always willing to go that extra mile to provide tea or water (hot tea for my soft vocals). I could easily record 10 minutes from my house, instead, I now choose to get on the tollway for 45 minutes because we work THAT well together. Nick is fantastic at what he does and I’ll continue working with him for as long as I make music.
    — Jimmy Futon
  • It's always a pleasure working with Nick. The studio is a great creative space with a good intimate vibe and he has the tools to get you a high quality recording. Nicks knowledge of traditional miking and recording techniques as well as being on top of the latest trends and new equipment, is impressive.
    — Claudius | CCII
  • ...I can't even find enough words to say what a great experience this was and how comfortable Nick made me (and my wife) feel during the process.  His professionalism and personality are awesome and when I received the finished product a week later I was just blown away.  I actually plan on going back in the near future and record a couple other songs just for family purposes.  If you are looking for someone to help you with your recording needs I highly recommend Nick for quality and price of work."
    — Mike Ferrell
  • We worked with Nick on vocal production & recording. It was a great overall experience. Nick is very easy to work with & talented. Highly recommend!
    — Matt Murray | Like Language
  • Every comfort of home with all the necessities of modern recording. Great atmosphere and vibes. Love my sessions at Invigorate.
    — Matt Keen | Rebel Soul Revival
  • Nice work on 'Pallisades'! The song really came to life and sounds perfect.
    — Andy Kearns | Wild Skies